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Mr Adam Mapani


Mr Adam Mapani MBE is a Nurse Consultant & NHS Lead on PHE at  Moorfields Eye Hospital. He is a multi award winning, accomplished, and innovative ophthalmology leader and practitioner with deep experience providing patient-focused care while leading staff to exceed objectives.


He has a reputation for providing inspiring, growth- focused mentoring and delivering comprehensive training to ensure accuracy and efficiency. He has proven success in developing and implementing improved processes, policies, and strategies that boost patient engagement, enhance service quality and safety, maximize productivity, and facilitate the achievement of optimal healthcare outcomes.


Mr Mapani has a history of proactively identifying and resolving problems by formulating effective, cutting-edge solutions. He has a passion for keeping abreast with industry trends, advancements, and technologies to maintain a competitive edge and drive digital healthcare innovation.


He was the first Nurse Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital and is the CEO/Founder of ABALON TRUST.