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Victoria Falls is an international tourist town situated in the north-west corner of Zimbabwe and rests comfortably in the Zambezi Valley just a few hundred metres from the south bank of one of Southern Africa’s great rivers, the Zambezi which meanders through Mozambique right into the Indian Ocean.

At this point of the river are the mighty, world famous Victoria Falls, on the Zimbaber-Zambia border. The Victoria Falls or Mosi-Oa-Tunya (The smoke that thunder) is where the mighty Zambezi river suddenly plunges into a narrow gorge of over 100 metres deep, forming one of the world’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls with millions of gallons of water plunging over a 1.7km wide cliff.

This is the reason why in 1980 UNESCO declared the waterfall, the rainforest and surrounding mist vegetation created by the perpetual spray, and part of the riparian system adjacent to the Falls, a World Heritage Site, at the request of both the Zimbabwean and Zambian governments. They are over a mile and the greatest waterpower in the world.


Life in this town has been reduced to the very word ‘coexistence’. Man respects wildlife and mutual understanding of the environment between the two has been built. ​

The town derives its name from the Falls. Many who have seen them have described the Falls as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World or the most beautiful gem of the earth’s scenery. Moreover, the town is mainly surrounded by National Parks and wildlife areas, where assortments of wild animals are found. Man and wildlife share the routes home and to the watering hole.

Useful Information

Zimbabwe has more than 10 designated entry points and Victoria Falls is linked to other towns and cities through a good all weather road network. The airport is well served with around 24 international flights every week. There are approximately, 21 flights from Johannesburg and 3 from Nambia. These are complimented by daily flights from Harare by Air Zimbabwe. Additional Air Botswana flies into Kasane, Chobe a 90 minute road transfer to the Falls. BA Comair and SAA all fly into Livingstone, Zambia just a 30 minute transfer across the bridge into Victoria Falls. 


Other ways to travel to Victoria Falls is by rail, accessed via an overnight passenger train from Bulawayo and Safari train from Shongolo from South Africa. 

Victoria Falls has always been its own entity and should be viewed separately from the rest of Zimbabwe with regards to crime and safety. 


So even when Zimbabwe was going through its worst times, Victoria Falls always remained a safe destination.


In Victoria Falls petty crime of course does exist as with anywhere in the world, but it is at a very low level and certainly should not deter anyone from visiting this amazing place.

There are tons of street vendors in the town, and they can be a bit of a nuisance. Unfortunately for them, as tourism dwindled so did their income, they are just desperate to make a sale, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when dealing with them. These guys are harmless and desperate, and will generally be very willing to help you.


There are “Tourism Police Officers” on patrol throughout the town and they keep the vendors in check, if you are feeling hassled, ask one of these officers to escort you. They are easily identified by their bright yellow bibs.

Do be aware of pick pockets and make sure that you put your cameras straps around your necks, so no-one can make a quick snatch.


“Victoria falls crime in hotels” I have read several reports recently of valuables being stolen from their hotel rooms, quite obviously by the hotel staff. The only advice here is to always lock valuables away, preferably in the hotel safes or in your own lockable suitcases – Don’t Put Temptation in Ones Way – always remember that the locals do struggle to survive.


Overall the Zimbabwean people are very friendly and appreciate the business that tourists brin

Did you know

At peak flood waters, roughly 625 million litres of water flow over the edge per minute. This huge volume of water produces a spray that rises up to 1650 feet in the air. That is taller than the Empire State Building

The rainforest area in Victoria Falls is one of the only places on earth where it rains every single day. It is also one of only a few places in the world where you can witness the specular wonders of a moonbow. 

Victoria Falls is a cataract waterfall, which occurs when a large amount of fast moving water falls over a cliff. 

Victoria Falls town is also a home to an eclectic mix of both international and independent eateries. It is a foodies paradise boosting delicious local cuisines and favourite dishes from around the world. 


There are many things to do and see in Victoria Falls, when you are visiting, from sunset cruises to extreme sports and guided safaris. 


To ensure you get the most out of your experience, delegates are eligible for a number of discounted rates on local activities and tours in and around Victoria Falls. If you would like to organise an activity outside of Congress activities, early booking is advisable.